The Book

’’See you next year in Jerusalem - the deportations of Polish Jews in 1938 from Germany to Zbąszyń’’ is a bilingual (Polish and English) book, edited by Izabela Skórzyńska and  Wojciech Olejniczak, presenting the history, political and social background and the memory of so called Polenaktion. The book concentrates on the period of 10 month stay of thousands of expelled Jews and attempts that were made to create a substitute of a normal life for the exiles.

The richly illustrated book includes the articles of historians, for example from Poland, such as: Rafał Witkowski, Krzysztof Rzepa, Jerzy Tomaszewski (the author of the book  "The prelude of doom"), from Germany: Gertrud Pickhan, from the USA: Bonnie Harris and from Israel: Witold Mędykowski. In the part devoted to the memory there are essays and articles of Erwin Schenkelbach (co-author of commemorative project “See you next year in Jerusalem” on the railway station in Zbąszyń in 2008), Lothar Quinkenstein, Sabine Würsch, Wojciech Olejniczak, Paweł Urbanowicz and Wojciech Walczak.

The replenishment of the scientific elaborations and literary essays is the collection of personal diaries of witnesses, successors, and heirs of dramatic events in 1938. Archival documents with the correspondence and photographs documenting ‘history and memory of Zbąszyń’ in 1938-2012 enrich the publication. The publication consists of 216 pages with more than 300 photographs and reproductions including those which have never been published before.